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1:1 & Small Group Yoga Instruction, Lifestyle Advice, Gong Sound Journey,
Fitness Coaching, Beginner Mountain Bike Tips, Advice for Runners
Enthusiastic Support to help you achieve your goals!


We truly believe that every day has an opportunity for adventure. With a playful approach to our physical fitness regimens and spiritual growth, we have created a life of adventure and depth and we are so excited to share with others. We want to connect with our community and do what we can to empower others to take command of their health, in all ways (mind, body, Spirit)!

We enjoy hosting workshops together - combining Travis' love of the planetary gong and sound healing with Emilie's yoga practices. Contact us to schedule 1:1 and group sound healing, yoga practices, and workshops.

Emilie Pomerleau, founder of Everyday Adventures LLC enjoys a sunny day of snowboarding at Monarch Mountain. She's available for beginner yoga, mountain bike, trail running or snowboard lessons. Email or rates and availability.
Emilie, founder of Everyday Adventures LLC enjoys her yoga practice at Arkansas Point Trail at Lake Pueblo State Park, overlooking the reservoir at sunset. Contact us to book a private yoga sesion or mountain bike lesson. Email for details!

I attended my first yoga class in 2006 and at the time I was running a lot and I found that my body recovered so much faster when I maintained a steady yoga practice. That was clearly just the beginning! Yoga has changed my life for the better across the board, whether we are talking about maintaining relationships or supporting stronger physical, mental and emotional health. 


In June of 2017, I received my 100-Hour Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor Training Certificate with Arpita Shah and in October of that same year, I earned my yoga teacher training certificate with Marcee Gutman-Ballantyne at Fountain of Health Yoga Studio. In 2018, I received a Gong Therapy Training Certificate in sound healing with Mehtab Benton in Austin, TX. In 2021, I became a NASM certified personal trainer and love having deeper insights on movement as medicine!

I recently completed coursework to complete a 300-hr yoga teacher with Sattva Yoga and am now a 500-level teacher! Excited to share what I have learned in this was so deep!

In August of 2023, I completed a human services degree in corrections supoort services and I have just taken a job with a great nonprofit organization out of Alamosa, CO.


I love encouraging students to have fun while gaining greater confidence, body awareness and motivation to challenge perceived limitations. I love collaborating with my partner Travis to offer Yoga & Gong sessions, events and workshops.

In my experience, the greatest growth comes from towing the line of what is predictable and common and surrendering to the present moment (stepping outside of my comfort zone). 

The latest news is that we are working to purchase a property where we can host small group retreats in Crestone, CO. Click here to visit our Gofundme page if you're interested in helping...thank you!

 - Emilie Pomerleau


I have always been a very physically active person, whether it was skateboarding, snowboarding, riding bicycles of all kinds, hiking, etc. In 2009 I began practicing yoga and within 2 classes, I had reset my sleep cycle, ending years of insomnia. It was obvious at that point that yoga had a lot more to offer than merely physical benefits. From there, I have deepened my practice to include daily pranayama practice, meditation, vibrational sound healing and an overall exploration of the power of the mind, body, Spirit connection. I studied Gong Therapy with Mehtab Benton in 2018. I am pleased to offer sound sessions with the gong, singing bowls and other instruments as well as breathing workshops. 

In 2021, I earned another certification from the Sound Healing Academy and am working on a yoga teacher certification with Sattva Yoga Academy.

 - Travis Cleveland


Classes & Sessions

Regular Classes

Wednesday Yoga Practice 6:30 am MDT (Emilie & Travis)
45-Min Flow on FB Live
Join FB Group Here

Friday Yoga Practice
6:30am MDT (Emilie & Travis)
45-Min Flow on FB Live
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Saturday Bosu Strength &Flexibility Class
7am MDT (Emilie)
Offered on Zoom for
for Onyx members 

Monday Yoga Flow (on hold)
5:30pm MDT (Emilie & Travis)
Offered on Zoom for
for Amethyst & Onyx members 

(mesage 719-660-0433 if you'd like to drop in to Zoom classes and we will get you registered)

One on One Yoga


a private yoga session this can be done on Zoom or in person if we're in your city:)


a Sound Journey with Travis at Studio or your home if we are in your city:)

Gong Sound Journey
90 Minute Goal Setting / Practice Session with Emilie

We can use this time to set goals, to learn about practices that will help you to overcome challenges in your life. From there, I can create an individualized plan for further sessions or we can meet whenever you need assistance. This is the perfect give for a loved one as we move into a new year!

A yoga practice and Gong Journey for the New Moon in June 2023. Happening at 7pm on Sunday, June 18th. This is open to everybody, regardless of past yoga experience.
Wednesday evening gong journey is happening weekly from July 19th through August 9th at Open Studio Yoga in Pueblo. Join us for a yoga practice at 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm and stay for the sound journey!!
Vinyasa Flow Yoga class with Emilie Pomerleau, Fridays at 7am July and August 2023. Join us!
Breathwork and Gong experience with Emilie Pomerleau and Travis Cleveland at Ren Yoga is happening Tuesday, August 15th at 7:00 pm.
Breathwork & Gong Experience facilitated by Emilie Pomerleau and Travis Cleveland is happening Monday, July 17th at 7:30 pm at Open Studio Yoga. Join us!! Register today to hold your space!!

Get In Touch

PO Box 442, Pueblo, CO 81002 \ Tel: 719-660-0433


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Candy Cotton




"The gong immersion brings me in touch with the radiant resonance of the cosmos. Healing. Loving. Deep."


“Emilie is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. She made a challenging yoga class accessible and fun, even for a novice like me. I'd highly recommend her classes!”


I can honestly say I have enjoyed every yoga class, event, or gong journey you both have put on. I'm always eager to join in with what you both have to offer (You have so much to offer) and I can truly say it was always a benefit to my heart, mind and soul. You two are beautiful humans, in and out

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