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Rooting Down.

We are in the process of working to purchase a 7-acre property with a strawbale home and small cabin on it. Among many of the great features is an attached greenhouse that allows for year-round food production. The location in Crestone, CO sits below the towering 14,000 foot mountains and has sweeping views of the San Luis Valley.

Emilie has just taken a job with a great nonprofit organization in Alamosa and we are hitting the ground running to raise the funds needed for the down-payment on our property. We are under contract and have a couple of months to literally move mountains! We will take posession of the pr

operty tomorrow so we will be sharing photos and videos as we make progress.

Below is a link to our Gofundme page where we will be working to connect with anyone who may feel called to help us reach our

goal. We have joined with our dear friend Matte Refic in this endeavor to purchase this unique property. We plan to host a variety of retreats, workshops and classes at this homestead.

We will be adding in more incentives in the coming days but the first is that we will be offering a 3-day weekend retreat to anyone who donates $1000 or more, redeemable within the first 3 years we host retreats. Our first retreat will include yoga, meditation, self-expression workshop with Matte and sound healing with the gongs in addition to lodging and being served organic home-cooked meals.

We know that we will not reach our goal without the help of our community. If you feel called to help, wonderful. No pressure, of course! Sharing this campaign with anyone you may know who could support our cause is also greatly appreciated.

It brings us such joy to be able to report that we feel we have found "home". We will continue to study and to teach and to connect with community. We are grateful to you for all of the support as we have been on the road. It feels great to shift our focus in a strong direction.

Emilie starts graduate school in two weeks and her new job next week. Travis is going to start clearing out the property and getting a few rooms ready for airbnb stays. We will keep you updated as we set dates for a couple of fundraising and informational events coming up in Pueblo.

Thank you for reading our update. We will have more details soon!

In Gratitude and With Love,

-Emilie & Travis

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