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We truly believe that every day has an opportunity for adventure. With a playful approach to our physical fitness regimens and spiritual growth, we have created a life of adventure and depth and we are so excited to share with others. We want to connect with our community and do what we can to empower others to take command of their health, in all ways (mind, body, Spirit)!

We enjoy hosting workshops together - combining Travis' love of the planetary gong and sound healing with Emilie's yoga practices. Contact us to schedule 1:1 and small group sound healing, yoga practices, and workshops.

I attended my first yoga class in 2006 and at the time I was running a lot and I found that my body recovered so much faster when I maintained a steady yoga practice.  Yoga has changed my life for the better across the board, whether we are talking about maintaining relationships or creating better physical, mental and emotional health. 


In June of 2017, I received my 100-Hour Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor Training Certificate with Arpita Shah and in October of that same year, I earned my yoga teacher training certificate with Marcee Gutman-Ballantyne at Fountain of Health Yoga Studio. In 2018, I received my Gong Therapy Training Certificate in sound healing with Mehtab Benton in Austin, TX.


I love helping students have fun while gaining greater confidence, body awareness and motivation to challenge perceived limitations. I continue to study and learn and grow as a student and teacher and am looking forward to studying in India in the Spring of 2020.


I currently teach at Heart Centered Yoga  and Open Studio Yoga in Pueblo. I host private and small group yoga classes at Open Studio Yoga. I collaborate with Rachel Kutskill of Fit Instincts to teach group fitness series. I am excited to collaborate with other yoga teachers to create workshops. I have upcoming events with Melissa Mihelich of Yoga Your Spirit, Kierra King, and Julie Emmons of Open Studio Yoga. I also love collaborating with my partner Travis to offer Yoga & Gong sessions and we have also been privileged to work with Mat Taylor, who is bringing his art and projections to in the form of light therapy to our sessions. We are also leading ecstatic dance with Paris Latka, a nutrition master and bowspring teacher. I am also honored to collaborate with Heidi and Lia Mauer of Heart Centered Yoga! I am continually moved by the cohesiveness of Pueblo's yoga and wellness community and feel grateful to be a part of Pueblo's growing scene as a provider of a wealth of health and fitness opportunities!

In my experience, the greatest growth comes from towing the line of what is predictable and common and surrendering to the present moment (stepping outside of my comfort zone).  Please reach out if you're interested in trying something new. Let's tow that line together!

 - Emilie Pomerleau

I have always been a very physically active person, whether it was skateboarding, snowboarding, riding bicycles of all kinds, hiking, etc. In 2009 I began practicing yoga and within 2 classes, I had reset my sleep cycle, ending years of insomnia. It was obvious at that point that yoga had a lot more to offer than merely physical benefits. From there, I have deepened my practice to include daily pranayama practice, meditation, vibrational sound healing and an overall exploration of the power of the mind, body, Spirit connection. I studied Gong Therapy with Mehtab Benton in 2018. I am pleased to offer sound sessions with the gong, singing bowls and other instruments as well as breathing workshops. 

 - Travis Cleveland


Classes & Sessions

Studio Classes


7:00 am (Emilie) 

Flow at Anahata Healing LLC

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6:00 pm (Emilie)

Yoga Flow with Gong Savasana at Open Studio

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5:45 am (Emilie)

45-Min Flow on FB Live

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7:00 am (Emilie) 

Flow at Anahata Healing LLC

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Friday Yoga Flow 

*limited to 8 guests

7am (Emilie)

1 Hour Flow on FB Live

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One on One Yoga


a private yoga session


a Sound Journey with Travis at Studio or your home

Gong Sound Journey
Lifestyle Consult


an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation or Fitness Coaching

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“Emilie is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. She made a challenging yoga class accessible and fun, even for a novice like me. I'd highly recommend her classes!”

- Amanda

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