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Yoga & Gong Events in February

Travis and I are overjoyed with the success of our first two Yoga & Gong events we've hosted this Winter! The Winter Solstice event was the first event we hosted together and it was such a special evening with our community and the convergence of energy with the solstice and a full moon! Wow, just wow!!

We especially love how the yoga practice readies the body to receive the healing vibrations of the Gong! The moon practice on January 19th was another special evening. I particularly enjoyed serving golden milk to our guests after the sound journey!

We are excited to announce two events coming up this February...

The workshop will begin with a sweet, fluid yoga practice. With breath work and smooth flowing movements, the yoga practice will bring grounding and stability while facilitating openness in the body and heart. This flow is designed to create space and balance in the body to enhance the experience of the gong journey to follow.

Visit to register for this event.

This event will take place at Open Studio Yoga. Emilie will lead a 1-hr. heart opening yoga practice designed to create opening and balance in the body to enhance the experience of the gong journey to follow. After the yoga practice, guests will have some time to move around and set themselves up in a comfortable position (seated or lying down) for the sound journey.

Travis will take us on a journey with sound. Relax and allow the vibrations to pass through your body. Be open to receiving the information that each moment offers. We will have some quiet time and then hot tea will be served and guests are invited to stay and visit and share their experiences. Visit to register for the Feb. 16th Yoga & Gong Event.

We are grateful to be able to facilitate these special events in our community and truly appreciate all of the support. Please share our upcoming dates with anyone who may be interested.

With love!


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