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Melissa Stecklein Photography

I recently booked a 45-minute photography session with Melissa Stecklein so that I can add some photos to my yoga teacher portfolio. We met at Mineral Palace Park in Pueblo. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and flowers were in full bloom. I had a great time moving through some yoga poses while Melissa snapped photos. Her laid back demeanor put me at ease and I really love the photos she sent me! I am notorious for making funny faces when people take my picture but she was able to capture me being me and I am thrilled with how the photos came out.

Asana Photo Shoot at Mineral Palace Park w/ Melissa Stecklein Photography

Melissa is available to take portraits of children, engagement photos, wedding photos, you name it. Email her at with any questions or to book your own session. Take a look at her Facebook page here.

I am so very grateful for my friend and fellow yogi Melissa Stecklein. Side note: Melissa is one of the owner / operators at Nova Stella yoga studio in addition to being a teacher and mom to an energetic toddler! Her energy and enthusiasm inspires me! Cheers to a strong woman creating the life she wants! Please support her if you're in need of photos for your family or business.

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